Eishi Segawa

Eishi Segawa thrives on deepening his artistry as contemporary composer.

Proving his gift as composer for TV advertisements in his early twenties, Segawa has written more than 2,000 TV advertisements throughout his career.

He offers authentic sophistication for a number of major companies which are well-known for their international corporate strategies. His clients include SONY, Panasonic, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, MAZDA, Cannon, EPSON, SUNTORY, KIRIN, NTT among others.

The Beatles’ album "Revolver" took him to the journey as professional composer. Joe Pass, the Jazz guitar virtuoso, had great influence on him later in his music life.Since then, he established his signature sound upon Jazz theory.

Segawa makes full use of his MIDI mockup technique in his works. He is capable of creating the most practical orchestrations as well as organizing recording sessions with the finest quality available in the industry. Naturally he earned trusting relationship with directors and music producers.

Although self-taught, his knowledge on harmonic theory and orchestration is widely proved with his contribution of articles on music magazines. He released "Sakkyoku Technique 99 (99 composition tips)" in 2010 from Rittor Music. He devotes himself to introducing practical work flow based on his recording experiences at workshops.

In 2012, His works, "Mou yuukainante shinai (“No more kidnapping”, 2012 TV movie)", "Suteppufazâ suteppu (“Stepfather’s steps”, 2012 TV series)", "Myûzu no kagami (“The Muse’s mirror”, 2012 TV series)", "Kodomo Keisatsu (“Kids’ police”, 2012 TV series)", are sweeping the industry.

Le Festival National du Film Hyères les Palmiers
Eishi won the best music award. ”Prix de la meilleure musique de film”
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